About Us


Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Foundation was instituted in memory of the great Sikh Hero, Baba Makhan Shah Lobana was a great merchant, who owned ships and a man endowed with high qualities of wisdom, compassion and spiritual enlightenment. Baba Makhan Shah is a well     known figure in the Sikh history for his role in identifying the Ninth True Master, Shri Guru Tegh          Bahadur Ji, exposing and rejecting 22 imposters at Baba Bakala, Distt-Amritsar–Punjab in           October, 1664. This great event which set the Sikh History on the right course is known as       “Guru Ladho Re”. In view of his achievement and contribution to the Sikh Panth the idea of         establishing an institution in his memory was conceived by prominent members of Lobana     Community. The first meeting of General Body was held on 27 April, 1975 under the president-ship           of Col. Partap Singh in which rules of the Foundation were framed, approved and adopted      unanimously. The said meeting was attended by the following founder members.

  1. Lt. Col. Pratap Singh Sr. Vice President
  2. S. Sardara Singh Chief Engr. (Retd.)(Then XEN.), General & Finance Secretary
  3. Major Ranjit Singh                 
  4. Major Sharam Singh, Nangal Lobana   
  5. Sampuran Singh Jt. Director (Retd.)
  6. Pritam Singh Multani
  7. S. Swaran Singh, Mohali
  8. S. Sher Singh, Accounts Officer
  9. S. Ajit Singh Bagha, S.D.O

The Foundation was got registered in 1975 as a society under the societies Registration   Act Of 1860, with the Registrar of Firms and societies, Union Territory of Chandigarh. Its main objectives are to provide multifarious services for social, cultural, educational and health related upliftment of society to help & improve the quality of life of the weaker sections of the society irrespective of caste, color or creed since its inception.

An imposing memorial in the form of a sprawling building with beautiful landscape and pleasant ambiance has been constructed in a corner plot measuring 6563 sq. yards in Sector-30-A,Chandigarh which is a befitting tribute to the legendary Sikh. It is known as Baba Makhan Shah       Lobana Bhawan and also serves as Headquarters of the Foundation.

Our Vision

The proposals for the period 2014-17 are to renovate some portion of the Bhai Lakhi Shah Niwas residential complex. Clinical Mobile Van for rural, needy and poor public. The education capital fund “Merit-cum-Means Scholarship has been included to help the cause of education to needy students. Establishing funds with the help of members, NRI and generous public. The funds proposed to be achieved in the from of “Corpus fund” FDR by adopting scholarship or by adopting category-wise by the Donors. In addition to this the intelligent students are to be facilitated by instituting award such as BMSL Puraskar Nishkam Yojna, Itihas Khoj Award & other awards. These are proposed to be established as corpus funds. The education & Lobana Sewak corpus funds establishment shall ensure at the continuous interest accrued from the corpus funds. These can run without break. With the help of member & generous donors the BMSL centers at some suitable places can be made where the charity causes can be fulfilled.